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A Little About Me! 

I work through the light of the One to assist those who are on their path of enlightenment and wish to experience all that they are through opening to the true light of Source. I offer Ascension Mentoring, Light Counselling Sessions, Lightworker Training & Transformational Coaching sessions. I serve as a direct link to Source to assist the Ascension Journey. The platform for this light is through Metatronia Energy and the Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL). 

Metatronia is not just about working as a Lightworker, it is union with your Source. It is connection to the Creator life-force, as your vessel bears witness to the divine mystery as it unveils as vibration within the vessel.   This work is most sacred, highly transformational and not bound to religion or belief. It is direct connection to Source Light. The energy works deep within the vessel to assist the light expansion and transformation. Metatronia is not limited to healing and alignment.  The light works beyond illusion and brings you to a place of truth within. The benefits are beyond measure and a very unique experience.

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